Teaching notes
Thursday 29 August 2013 by Jenny Trévisan

List of teaching notes :

  • Seismic linearized inversion by Gilles Lambaré (download)
  • Lecture on frequency-domain finite-difference modeling of wave propagation by S. Operto (download)
  • Lecture on frequency-domain full-waveform inversion of global-offset data by S. Operto (download)
  • Lecture on body waves: ray methods and finite frequency effects by G. Lambaré and J. Virieux (download)
  • Lecture on earth imaging by seismic waves by J. Virieux (download)
  • Lecture on seismic ray tracing by J. Virieux (download)
  • Basic article on frequency-domain elastic full-waveform inversion by C. Gélis and J. Virieux (download)