Suggested articles for reading
Thursday 29 August 2013 by Jenny Trévisan


  • Asymptotic waveform inversion for unbiased velocity and attenuation measurements: numerical tests and application for Vesuvius lava sample analysis by A. Ribodetti et al (download)

  • Some effects of the memory kernel singularity on wave propagation and inversion in viscoelastic media – II. Inversion by A. Ribodetti and A. Hanyga (download)

  • A new seismic tomography of Aigion Area (Gulf Of Corinth, Greece) from the 1991 data set by D. Latorre et al (download)

  • An efficient algorithm for double-difference tomography and location in heterogeneous media, with an application to the Kilauea volcano by V. Monteiller et al (download)

  • New insights into Kilauea’s volcano dynamics brought by large-scale relative relocation of microearthquakes J.-L. Got and P. Okubo (download)

  • Adaptive mesh seismic tomography based on tetrahedral and Voronoi diagrams: Application to Parkfield, California H. Zhang and C. Thurber (download)

  • Three-dimensional seismic tomography from P wave and S wave microearthquake travel times and rock physics characterization of the Campi Flegrei Caldera by T. Vanorio et al (download)

  • Three-dimensional VP and VS structural models associated with the active subduction and collision tectonics in the Taiwan region by K.-H. Kim et al (download)

  • Mechanics of low-angle extensional shear zones at the brittle-ductile transition by Frédéric Gueydan et al (download)

  • Mixed-grid and staggered-grid finte-difference methods for frequency-domain acoustic wave modelling by B. Hustedt et al (download)

  • Multiscale imaging of complex structures from multifold wide-aperture seismic data by frequency-domain full-waveform tomography: application to a thrust belt by C. Ravaut et al. (download)

  • Quantitative imaging of complex structures from dense wide-aperture seismic data by multiscale traveltime and waveform inversions: a case study by S. Operto et al. (download)

  • Multiscale seismic imaging of the eastern Nankai trough by full waveform inversion by J.-X. Dessa (download)

  • Crustal seismic imaging from multifold ocean bottom seismometer data by frequency domain full waveform tomography: Application to the eastern Nankai trough by S. Operto et al. (download)