SEG meeting, New Orleans, October 2006
Tuesday 15 September 2009 by Jenny Trévisan

• Agudelo, W., A. Ribodetti, S. Operto, J. Virieux and J. Y. Collot, 2D fine-scale imaging of the subduction channel in Gulf of Guayaquil by integrated iterative PSDM and simulated annealing optimization (Extended abstract)

• Delost, M., S. Operto, J. Virieux and F. Adler, Introducing wavelets in traveltime tomography: application to foothills, (Extended abstract) (download poster -pdf format-)

• Operto, S., J. Virieux, P. Amestoy, L. Giraud and J. Y. L’Excellent, 3D frequency-domain finite-difference modeling of acoustic wave using a massively parallel direct solver: a feasibility study (Extended abstract) (poster I) (poster II)