SEG meeting, Las Vegas, 9-14 November 2008
Saturday 11 July 2009 by Jean Virieux

  1. Sourbier F., A. Haidar, L. Giraud, S. Operto and J. Virieux, Frequency-domain full-waveform modeling using a hybrid direct-iterative solver based on a parallel domain decomposition method: a tool for 3D full-waveform inversion? [download]
  2. Brossier R., J. Virieux and S. Operto, 2D frequency-domain elastic full-waveform inversion using a P0 finite volume forward problem. [download]

  3. Ben Hadj Ali H., S. Operto and J. Virieux, 3D frequency-domain full-waveform tomography based on a domain decomposition forward problem. [download]