September 22nd 2009
Tuesday 17 November 2009 by St├ęphane Operto

During SEG, the SEISCOPE consortium meeting will be hold on Monday October 26th at the Hilton of Americas (SEG Headquarters and
across the street from the convention center) in room 329.

We do expect the following timetable:
5:45 pm-6:00 pm : Welcome
6:00 pm-6:45 pm : Presentation of the second round of the SEISCOPE consortium
6:45 pm-7:15 pm : Presentation of students as well as topics they are expected to investigate.

A buffet will be available at the same time.

In the restricted area, the last results on the Valhall data obtained by R. Brossier and V. Prieux are provided in the section Scientific Documents. The aim of the study is [1] building of reliable starting model with different tomographic techniques for FWI with application to the synthetic and real Valhall case studies and [2] the reconstruction of density in addition to Vp for lines 21 and 29 of the Valhall acquisition.

In-press and submitted publications are provided in the restricted area as well asthe 2009 SEB expanded abstracts.

 2009_Brossier_GRL.pdf: investigation of the L1 norm for FWI with application to the synthetic Valhall model.

 2009_Brossier_Geophysics_a.pdf: application of elastic FWI to onshore synthetic data. Application to the overthrust model.

 2009_Virieux_Geophysics.pdf: review paper on FWI.

 2009_Brossier_Geophysics_b.pdf: investigation of several data residual norms and functionals for FWI.

 2009_Brossier_CompGeosc.pdf: description of a massively parallel algorithm for 2D elastic frequency-domain FWI.