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FWT2D, 2D Full-Waveform Topography, is a massively parallel program which performs 2D frequency-domain modeling of acoustic wave propagation and full-waveform inversion for seismic imaging. FWT2D is more specifically designed to process wide-aperture (or global offset) seismic data.


MODELING: Finite-difference frequency-domain (FDFD) modeling of visco-acoustic wave propagation
- Optimal FDFD stencil based on a parsimonious staggered-grid method, the mixed-grid strategy and anti-lumped mass
- Perfectly-Matched Layers (PML) and 45 degrees paraxial absorbing conditions
- Time-domain computation of synthetic seismograms
- Parallel resolution of the time-harmonic wave equation with efficient multiple-RHS solves using the massively parallel direct solver MUMPS and http ://

- Non linear iterative steepest-descent algorithm
- Scaling of the gradient by the diagonal approximate Hessian
- Estimation of step length by parabolic fitting
- Processing of hydrophone and vertical geophone data
- Multiscale seismic imaging by succesive mono-frequency inversions
- Simultaneous multi-frequency inversion
- Parallel implementation of the gradient and diagonal Hessian

- Possible sequential and parallel execution
- Languages: FORTRAN 90 (and MPI for parallel compilation)
- External calls (all the following softwares are freely distributed on the Web): MUMPS (massivelly parallel direct solver) and, METIS ordering called by MUMPS, BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms), (ScaLAPACK, BLACS (Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms) for parallel execution)

- Source code source of FWT2D
- Illustrative synthetic examples (modeling/inversion)
- Collection of shells to plot results of FWT2D based on graphic programs of Seismic Unix and GMT
- Documentation
- Codes for time-domain analytical solution in homogeneous medium and 2D finite-difference time-domain modeling of acoustic wave propagation.
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